hidden gun storage furniture

Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

Leaving your gun sitting on the table is an accident waiting to happen. Guns are deadly, and if you’re reading this article, you know that there are better ways to store your gun. And the truth is that gun store ideas can be a lot of fun, too.

You’ll find a lot of DIY gun store solutions, but if you’re like me with barely any time to breathe when you get home, you know these solutions will sit on the backburner.

You’re going to feel like a secret agent hiding his gun away while leading a double life with these ideas:

Gun Storage Ideas That No One Ever Suspects

Bookcase Concealment

gun storage bookcase
If you’ve ever wanted to conceal a gun and looked over at your bookcase, now is time to do it. CastleCreek offers a concealment bookcase that is 100% functional. Put your family photos on it, sewing books – anything you want.

Make the bookcase a part of your home.

Attractive and functional, this bookcase has a secret: a hidden drawer. One of the bookcases middle wooden shelves actually pulls out to reveal a drawer where you can hide items. Your gun will fit perfectly in here.

The confinement area is a generous 24″ x 13″x 2″ in dimension.

Click here to view pricing and availability of the bookcase I’m talking about.

You can obviously shop around and find other bookcases that conceal guns, too. The neat thing is that this model is fully functional. Thieves won’t think to look for a hidden compartment on your bookshelf. This was even featured in the USCCA magazine recently as a ‘best buy’.

It’s just not going to happen.

Unless you point out the hidden compartment to someone else, no one will know that your 100-pound bookcase has a hidden compartment.

I’ve even seen people lock their guns away in the books on a bookshelf.

Gun Cabinet Armoire

concealed gun armoire storage
If you’ve ever watched a movie where they have hidden gun storage furniture and sat there looking at the screen in envy, now is your chance to own a gun cabinet armoire. This armoire looks and acts like furniture.

The exterior features a full mirror, and the unit has dimensions of: 42.5″ x 14″ x 3.5.”

Large enough for all of your gun and rifle needs, this model has an upper shelf that can be removed to open up more space. You can even fit your fishing poles in the armoire. Perfect for offices or bedrooms, you can hang the armoire like a wall mirror or put it inside the wall.

Rifles that are 35.5″ (smaller models) fit well. Think Rugers.

And there’s even a bottom compartment that will hold all of your keys, scopes and other items. Three single barrel rifles (without scopes) will fit in the armoire perfectly.

Click here to view pricing and availability of this very armoire.

There’s also a lock and key that will keep the internal items looked away from kids. An awesome concealment idea, the armoire may not be as hidden as the bookshelf, but it’s a sharp piece of furniture that will keep your rifles locked away.

Gun Storage Shelves

gun storage shelves
If you haven’t noticed already, I like when I can conceal my guns in something that is so easy to miss. Shelving often has a thick base for aesthetics, and almost no one will tug on the bottom half of the shelf looking for guns or ammunition.

It’s not going to happen.

You’ll normally be able to fit a gun, a few clips and maybe a box of ammunition inside of these shelves. You can stagger the shelves for a neat look, and this will allow you to store even more items away.

High-quality and it looks real, wooden shelves almost always work best.

There are a lot of different shelves available, and you’ll want to do your own research on which model is best. I’ve seen a lot that look fake, and you obviously want a real shelf that has a hidden compartment for the utmost in privacy.

Covert Cabinets  offers a nice model that can hold 20 pounds and mounts easily, too.

A magnetic safety lock and key are available, too. You can fit two guns in the wall shelf, but there won’t be too much room for ammunition after that.

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Table Concealment

This might be your DIY project, or you’ll need to find someone that actually sells these tables. I have seen a lot of neat furniture over the years that hide guns away. One of the more impressive options was a small coffee table.

Underneath was a hidden door that was able to hold guns or even a small rifle.

The bottom isn’t visible from the outside of the table, and unless someone knew where to look, they would never be able to find your firearms.

I’ve also seen a similar setup in nightstands where there was a hidden compartment. Nightstands are especially interesting because this is always the first place a thief will scour. Thieves know that 95% of people leave all of their valuables in their nightstand, including:

  • Money
  • Passports
  • Jewelry

I’m not sure why people do this, but they do. A hidden compartment can often trick a thief to thinking that there’s nothing else hidden away. In reality, you have a gun and maybe some other valuables in a compartment that they overlook.

Wall Picture Frame

gun storage mirror
I want you to sit down and envision an awesome picture of your family on the wall. Someone comes into your home, they admire the picture and walk by it without giving it a second through. What they don’t know is that you have a gun hidden in the picture frame that is meant to protect the very family they’re admiring as they walk by.

It’s the perfect way to hide your gun.

It’s hidden. It’s functional. It’s overlooked by thieves or anyone else entering the home.

Willa-Hide offers a neat picture frame / gun cabinet that comes with an adjustable shelf and features to Velcro holsters. A patented locking system is included, and the frame is easy to install.

All you have to do is pull the frame to the side and it will reveal the hidden compartment on the side.

The interior size is about 16″ x 20.”

You won’t be able to conceal rifles or shotguns in the frame, but you can conceal ammo and two handguns pretty easily.

Passports, ammo, guns and other items will fit perfectly inside the frame.

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There are also a lot of gun storage ideas if you do have the time to make your own. Carpenters or other handymen can easily make some of these hidden compartments or modify their current furniture to have hidden areas. A few ideas that I have seen work very well in the past are:

  • False backing on furniture that can be taken off and reveal guns or other valuables.
  • Compartments underneath couch cushions that act like a large chest where firearms are stored.
  • Large China cabinets that have a hidden compartment closest to the ground.

Custom options are available, too. If you want to go the more expensive route and can’t find something that works for you commercially, contact a local furniture maker. A lot of people, especially at mom and pop stores, will love working on your gun storage ideas.