The Best Biometric Gun Safes On The Market Today

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10 Decisions To Make Prior To Purchasing a Safe

  • Budget
  • Contents: Guns, documents, money, gold
  • Fireproof/Waterproof?
  • Quick access for protection / high security for safety
  • Number of users
  • Biometric method: Iris, fingerprint, other
  • Backup methods: Electric keypad, old-school keys
  • Technology: Lighted keypad/etc
  • Biometric accuracy/precision (read $price)
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I know what you are thinking. You love the idea of choosing that perfect safe from the thousands of home safes but aren’t sure which one is “the best.” You are endlessly searching the internet for the best biometric gun safe reviews and now you found us.

Don’t worry…

We’ve written several thousand words on biometric gun safes and have looked at and reviewed countless numbers of them online, we’ve got you covered. We’ll take you deep into the world of biometric gun safes and come out on the other side with a few recommendations that we think rock for three specific brands: Barska, SentrySafe, and Stack-On.

Stick with me, we will get through it.

How do we define “the best?”

We think the best biometric gun safe will only open for you; it needs to recognize your finger print, the structure of your retina or iris, the shape of your hand, your face, or the structure of the blood vessels under your skin. We’re looking for the best gun safe not a gun cabinet. There is more than storage at stake here.

You may be thinking “duh”, but unfortunately is isn’t always the case that “safes” are so safe.

Let’s be honest…

First, you’re going to have to decide what type of biometric safe you are looking for. There are several options but the most common option, and most affordable option, is a fingerprint gun safe. These safes use your unique fingerprint, more specifically the ridge patterns on your fingerprint, to know if you are qualified to open the safe.

Most of the best fingerprint gun safes can store up to 32 fingerprints over multiple users… but more on that later.

Other options?

Retinal scanners, another option, are often more expensive. When looking for a good combination of features that fit in your budget, most people turn to a fingerprint gun safe. In this post we have focused on fingerprint scanner technology to try and control it to some degree. Although, as you can see, it got a little long.

There are a lot of other features to consider when shopping for your perfect safe than simply fingerprint authentication or retinal scan. The best biometric gun safe reviews will cover them all… and we do.

Don’t forget…
There are plenty of reviews to read, and you should read several before you select a gun safe to purchase.  Finding out what other customers are saying about different models and brands can be a real time and money saver post-purchase.
We’re here to help you start and organize your thoughts.

In fact, here are some key resources to help you make your decision:

Before you buy, make sure you understand their warranty policy (if there is one) and anything else that is important or pertinent to your situation.
Check out these two videos for types of Barska biometric safes to get an idea of what they are all about.

Focus On The Features You Really Want

Think about the gun safe features which are most important to you, and then choose the gun safe which matches your needs most closely.  Let’s check out some of the best biometric gun safe brands, models, and features.

We can’t wait any longer to share them with you.

Here it is, to kick off our best biometric gun safe reviews, our #1 pick from SentrySafe: