12 Of The Best Biometric Companies That Are Changing The Game

Everyone is always looking for the next big thing. Well, we have found it (actually, 12 of them). We reached out to dozens of biometric companies and we chose these 12 to make our ‘best biometric companies of 2017’ list for several reasons.

The companies on this list all have great products, services, and vision to continue to help shape our world this year and beyond. These truly are some of the best biometric companies we found as we were combing the internet looking for answers.

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Ace 3 Solutions is Biometrics Company offering various solutions like core biometric technologies, Smart Card and RFID technologies of best-in-class for identity authentication and management solutions based in Hyderabad. We have developed smart, technology-enabled solutions to solve our clients’ toughest challenges, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and a passion for exceeding expectations. We at Ace3 solution’s aim to remain at the forefront of our business to deliver the value to our clients using the innovative technologies. 

Ace3 Solutions is catering its services to corporate enterprises, government offices, financial service providers, healthcare and food services sectors with cost-effective identity security tools that prevent identity theft and offering benefits such as increased productivity, revenue, cash flow and customer retention.

Acroprint Time Recorder Company has been in the time tracking business for over 47 years,helping thousands of organizations every day accurately record and monitor employee work time all over the world.

Our AcroTime product is a powerful, flexible and affordable option designed to meet the demands of today’s businesses. With configurable modules encompassing time and labor, payroll, scheduling, and human resources management, AcroTime offers highly flexible end-to-end workforce management that’s easy and intuitive to use. We support a variety of input options, including biometric terminals, badge terminals, web punch, telephony and mobile apps,so AcroTime will work anytime, anywhere, for virtually any organization.

Authentik Systems


Authentik Systems

Authentik Systems (Authentik) was founded to bring to the market biometric systems that enable every company to take advantage of the security benefits of biometric technology in an efficient and cost effective manner. After careful development, Authentik is pleased to introduce an unrivaled product, fig, that enables all companies to take advantage of mobile biometric authentication. Biometrics have proven to be the gold standard for labor and payroll management including proper time and attendance collection.

Authentik is ready to bring to production fig, a fully remote biometric system, which allows any business,regardless of location of its employees to benefit from the same protection that 30% of all businesses currently do. fig utilizes a patented technology that embeds an employee’s enrolled algorithm within a personal key that is kept in his possession as a mobile time card.

BIO key

BIO-key is changing the way the world views online security while providing unparalleled convenience using biometric technology. The company recently introduced an affordable line of compact fingerprint readers that have been tested and certified to bear the Windows Hello-Ready mark.

The companies interoperable biometric hardware and software solutions are used by AT&T, NCR, Cleveland Clinic and the FBI.




Headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Seminole County (in the vicinity of Orlando / orange County), Florida,USA, Bio-Metrica LLC is a software developer, system integrator and solution provider (OEM) of biometric authentication systems in many shapes and forms, standard & custom ones, which targets various challenges triggered by compliance to regulations, physical security, logical identity protection, data &information protection, personnel identification for Time & Attendance, law enforcement requirements, civil identification and convenience.

Founded by electrical engineers, equipped with the most updated know-how in the biometric field, Bio-Metrica provides cutting edge biometric solutions to government / corporate customers, wholesaling of biometric products and services through worldwide network of VARS , and system integration services while customizing any biometric solution as per the end customer request. Our civil line of applications is based on the Biometric Identification Infrastructure, or BIITM for short.

BIITM is a comprehensive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) architecture that allows different applications using a variety of authentication methods to share a common set of data for each person in a centralized database. The BIITM can be deployed locally (on set of servers), on online data center or as cloud server (CloudBIITM).The modular BIITM Client can be provided on PC / laptop or handheld device. It can function with ‘web’ or‘Offline’ modes of operations (for remote enrolling of users). With this flexibility, it can be configured to be used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • EWSTM - Enrollment Workstation
  • BISTM - Biometric Identification System
  • VRSTM - Voter Registration System
  • NIDTM - National Identification
  • DLSTM - Driver’s License System
  • CRSTM - Census Registration System
  • BGTM - Border Guardian (Border Security)
  • TartarusTM - Prison Management System

BioConnect is a technology company with a fundamentally different approach to "identity.” It’s core product —The BioConnect Identity Platform provides secure, frictionless biometric authentication. Why? To empower people to authenticate with credentials that are completely unique to them, such as their face, eyes, heartbeat or fingerprint, fundamentally changing how we access applications and processes in both the digital and physical world.

BioConnect’s team strongly believes in the importance of flexibility and choice in verifying identity. By broadening the universe of authentication options, BioConnect provides a level of trust that does not yet exist in the market today.

BioID Technologies


BioID Technologies

Founded in 2005 and privately held, BioID Technologies is a global leader in biometric identity management solutions deployed in more than 60 countries. Our offerings cover a wide range of markets and applications including law enforcement agencies, governments, financial institutions,defense departments as well as private enterprises. Our biometric technologies and expertise are helping organizations of all sizes achieve new levels of efficiency to solve the identity management challenge faced in every day life.

Backed by more than 10 years of experience in biometrics, we continually develop innovative technologies and reliable industry products which allow us to find the optimal solutions for customers in any market. Our people have a deep understanding of the forces of chance in the markets we serve and respond positively and effectively to questions addressed by end-users to reflect our advanced biometrics capabilities by solving the problems. We dedicate considerable R&D resources to the development of new products which meet an increasingly customer’s needs.

BioID Technologies collaborates with customers, technology and strategic partners, as well as system integrators to deliver our biometric solutions and ensure optimal end-user outcomes. We dedicate ourselves to the development of cost effective and best in class products while not compromising the quality to serve customers.

BioID Technologies provides a wide range of solutions for identity management. Our solutions are widely used by global customers from law enforcement agencies, governments, financial institutions, defense departments as well as private enterprises. Our biometric technologies and expertise are helping organizations of all sizes achieve new levels of efficiency to solve the identity management challenge facing agencies today.

Biometric Solution


Biometric Solution

Leading reseller of innovative solutions based on Morpho hardware. Morpho is the worldwide leader in identify solutions and offers a range of fingerprint, finger vein and 3D facial recognition hardware. We devise solutions for customers based on their requirements and budget. We also arrange customization for customers who have challenging problems facing them.

Biometric Cloud Solutions


Biometric Cloud Solutions

We have devised a way for biometric fingerprint scanners speak directly with Programmable Logic Controllers(PLC's). This is a first in the world. A Top 3 Auto manufacturer plans on a global rollout.

The ROI can easily be 10x+, it comes from ISO & Quality Standards being met correctly the first time as badges can no longer be handed to others. Only the operator who was trained on the machine is the only one who can operate it and only at a specific level of permissioning.

This is what PLC's were supposed to do except they could never account for the fact that ID badges get shared. This is a HUGE advancement for Engineering Controls specifically. We can work with all major PLC vendors including Rockwell, Siemens and Schneider to name a few.

Face Value Technologies


Face Value Technologies

"Next Generation" identification and authentication solutions combine robust enterprise-ready architecture with the cost-savings and easy administration of a flexible cloud platform and the ability to use a wide range of end-user or generic market hardware options for facial recognition.

Internet native architecture, minimal incremental hardware, and exceptional authentication speed and accuracy combine to deliver better performance and ROI of initial deployment and lower long-term TCO vs. leading fingerprint, palm, vein-scan, or traditional time card swipe or token solutions.

Synel Americas

Synel Americas’ biometric data collection devices deliver an unmet advantage; we manufacture, develop and support all of our technology from inception to implementation and beyond.

Our solutions are crafted with advanced, industry-leading technology and distributed globally in over 32 countries around the world, with over 24 years of installation and service. From out-of-the-box products to complex, customized solutions, our experts are available to help find the best fit.

A major advantage of Synel products is the use of non-proprietary programming language, allowing the customer to fully customize or modify a solution to fit their unique and changing requirements. With our strong commitment to research and development, system design, manufacturing and production, we consistently provide the most valuable and reliable biometric attendance solutions on the market.


ThreatMetrix uses the power of digital identity intelligence to accurately distinguish between trusted users and potential threats. ThreatMetrix is unique in its ability to dynamically combine the four key pillars that define digital identity across all device platforms: device identification, geo-location, identity data and threat intelligence.

What makes it stand out is the massive scale at which we are operating at, with our network analyzing over 1.5 billion transactions per month.

The ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network, which harnesses real-time shared intelligence from billions of transactions collected against tens of thousands of websites and hundreds of millions of mobile devices worldwide to stitch together a user's true digital identity.

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