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Winchester Gun Safe Reviews

By searching for Winchester gun safe reviews, by now you have correctly identified Winchester as one of the premiere gun safe makers on the market. Great. We know that trying to hone in on exactly which safe is a little more difficult, however, so we’re hear to help.


Our crack team of researchers scours the internet and finds what they believe are the best possible options out there. We then write our in depth reviews based on what we find as well as personal experience.

We will get to the bottom of this once and for all and declare the best Winchester gun safe for the money.

Company Overview

You know you want a Winchester safe. Good decision. They are among the best in quality and durability.

Made in the USA, Winchester is one of the top gun safe manufacturers in the world. Their premium line of products, from the bandit 9 to the higher-end Defender series, Winchester quality is obvious throughout all models.

Our Winchester gun safe reviews walk you through it, step-by-step, and tell you exactly what you need to know.

Which Safe Is “The Best?”

Take a look through the tabs below to find out which models we picked as the ones you can’t live without. We take a special look at the bandit 9 and the ranger 24 due to their popularity with the every day buyer, however we have picked out our top 4 safes across four broad categories: best pistol safe, best value safe, best large safe and best all around safe.

Our Top Picks

Category eVault Biometric 3.0 Pistol Safe Bandit 9 Mechanical B5618F1911M Ranger Deluxe 19-7-E Gun Safe Ranger Deluxe 45-7-E
Our Rating | Class
Best Pistol Safe

Best Value Safe

Best Value Large Safe

Best All Around Safe
Amazon Rating **Not Yet Rated
Type / Capacity 1 Handgun Pistol Safe 10 guns / rifles 24 guns / pistol and rifle 51 guns / Rifles and Pistols
Dimensions 7" Height
11" Width
12" Depth

6.4 cubic feet
~$50 per cubic foot
60" Height
18" Width
16" Depth
Weights 258lbs

10 cubic feet
~$65 per cubic foot
60" Height
28" Width
23" Depth
Weights 560lbs

19.4 cubic feet
~$55 per cubic foot
72" Height
40" Width
30" Depth
Weights 985lbs

45 cubic feet
~$40 per cubic foot
Features Spring loaded door
Biometric lock for easy access
16 gauge steel - impact resistant

Low number of reviews
Newer product
Good starter safe
12 gauge steel

No fire rating
Sensitive mechanical lock
Fire Rated 1 hr @ 1400 Degrees
1.25" steel locking bolts and drill resistant hard plate
12 gauge steel

Heavy/Special considerations to move
Reports of minor shipping damage
Fire Rated 1 hr @ 1400 Degrees
Electronic lock with door panel organizer
Four way locking bolt system

Heavy/Special considerations to move
Only a handful of reviews
Price Range
Learn More
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Best Winchester Gun Safes Under $1000

Safe Info

Gun Capacity

Locking Mechanism

Amazon Rating

More Info

Bandit 10

10 rifles

Electric & Mechanical

Not Rated.

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Bandit 14

14 rifles

Electric & Mechanical

Not Rated.

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winchester gun safe review bandit 9 ranger 24

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Some More Detailed Reviews

Winchester gun safes come in all shapes and sizes, literally. They range from small safes to safes that would have space left over for even a small army. Their lines of safes can be broken down a few ways. One way is to look at their function:

  • Small/Pistol Safes
  • Rifle safes
  • Monster safes

Another is to take a look at the individual series of safes and their unique options. Winchester gun safes break down into three categories or product lines:

  • Bandit series
  • Ranger series
  • Defender series

Here’s the truth.

Rarely does one size fit all. It would be irresponsible to recommend one safe as the ‘perfect’ safe without giving you some options, so that’s what we are going to do. We will get started taking a look at the bandit series of safes with the Bandit 9 and also take a look at the mid-level Ranger series with the Ranger 24.

Several other models, sizes, and specs exist between these two but these should give you a good idea of where your needs fall on the spectrum.

Sifting through Winchester gun safe reviews isn’t easy, but we did it.

Gun Safe Reviews – Bandit Series Reveal Big Quality On A Little Package

If you have rifles you want to store under lock and key, a Winchester gun safe is a great option; there are many great options in fact. Winchester has a long-standing reputation for quality in the gun safe industry, and the bandit is one of the most exciting choices in the line of Winchester gun safes.

The three main options to have a look at are the Winchester Bandit 9, Bandit 10, and Bandit 14 gun safes. We will take a deep-dive into these great products made by this great company.

winchester gun safe reviews bandit 9 ranger 24Save Space Without Sacrificing Quality With The Winchester Bandit Series

If you have limited space, but need security to protect your valuables, the Winchester Bandit 9, 10 and 14 safes are perfect for you. They all come with either an electronic or mechanical lock. 

The Winchester Bandit series is one to consider if you are looking for a lower capacity safe to store your rifles and a few extra valuables. They are reasonably compact, and will fit even in tight spaces.

Features include a pry-resistant recessed door, external cast steel strap hinges, a reinforced door jamb also made of steel, and 6 locking bolts.

The Winchester Bandit 9 gun safe also includes fire protection up to 1200 °F with two layers of fireboard in the door and one in the body; the Bandit 10 and Bandit 14 do as well. The UL combination lock will keep your guns secure.

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winchster gun safe reviews bandit 9 ranger 24

Winchester Ranger 24 Gun Safe

Winchester Ranger 19, 24 , 30, 45, and 51 Gun Safes Maximizes Your Space And Storage Capacity.

We picked the Winchester Ranger 24 to focus on, but all of them are very similar in that they give you much more space – it just depends on how much you need.

Consider the Winchester 24. This is more expensive than some of the other Winchester gun safes due to it’s increased size and capacity. There are numerous Winchester gun safe reviews for this model since it is one of the most popular Winchester gun safes.

Most reviews praise this safe for its UL lock and strong bolts, its durability, and its beautiful finish.

One Winchester 24 gun safe review mentions the fact that you can add optional shelving as a plus. Another Winchester 24 gun safe review talks about narrowing it down to this safe after researching many Winchester gun safes, and how it turned out to be the perfect choice.

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Which of these two safes is the right choice for you? Should you go by this Winchester 24 gun safe review, or should you choose the Winchester Bandit 9 gun safe? Your decision should depend on your needs. Here are a few quick questions to ask yourself:

  • How many rifles do you have to store?
  • How many other guns and supplies?
  • Would you keep all of the shelving in your Winchester safe?
  • Would you add optional shelves if you could?

Also consider other things, such as whether you still have enough room in the Bandit 9 gun safe for all of your rifles if you did add the shelves? Or would you need to upgrade to a larger model like the Winchester 24? It makes more sense to buy the most safe you can afford the first time around.

Read each Winchester 24 gun safe review and Bandit 9 gun safe review you can find, and try to match your needs against what you read in the Winchester gun safe reviews.

Once you’ve read up on Winchester gun safe reviews, you’ll be ready to make your purchase decision. Both of these safes are highly rated, so either could be a great choice depending on your needs. You may also want to check out other gun safe reviews as well; remember that Winchester has designed an entire range of quality gun safes!


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