21 Hidden Gun Storage Ideas You Can Use Today

Let’s face it. If you own a gun, you have spent some time thinking about gun storage. That’s great. We are going to take it up a notch for you into the realm of hidden gun storage. We’ve set forth some very specific, detailed instructions on creative and clever hidden gun storage ideas that will turn your home into an intruders worse nightmare.

Having something is great, but having something hidden so that only you know where it is is even better. The same rule applies to firearms.

But it’s expensive, right?


In fact, we compiled a list of our top 10 hidden gun storage ideas (plus a few bonus ideas) in locations that are very affordable. We’ll show you, step-by-step, exactly how to get your favorite firearm into it’s secret hiding place until the day it’s called into action.

Of course, you have options that are more conventional, like a gun safe, which can be perfect for making sure that children and unauthorized users don’t have access, but there is also the issue of accessibility. And it’s not as fun.

Highlighting Our Top 10 Ideas


#1 - Hallowed Out Electronics Offer Versatile Solution

Works with handguns or other small guns

hidden gun storage ideas

photo credit: Dru! Ghost in the Machine via photopin (license)

Think about it… electronics are everywhere. It wouldn’t look odd at all to have an electronic device in any area of the house where you want to have access to your firearm. This one costs you maybe $15. Here’s how to make this dream a reality:

Overview: Take something like an old clock radio, a DVD player, or a stereo and remove all of the guts. Once it is empty, there is a nice compartment for hiding a gun.

  • Go to Craigslist (or a garage sale or anywhere else you can find cheap, crappy electronics).
  • Go to your garage and get a screwdriver. Check whether it requires phillips or flat head.
  • Take the screw driver (preferably electric because... well, it's easier) and the electronic device to the kitchen table. Set it down.
  • Take the case off using the screw driver.
  • Rip out as much of the interior as possible. Have fun. Break stuff.
  • Put the gun inside (obviously a handgun) and then put anything else in that fits on top of it to help conceal it as much as possible.
  • Decision time: You need to decide how well you want to put it back together. If you screw it completely back together, it will be harder to access. It may be best to just mock it up or screw everything back together but one wall so you can get it in a hurry if needed.

This simple but effective solution may just come in handy one day. The downside? Someone may steal the electronic thinking it’s just a crappy, old DVD player and get away with your gun. There are pros and cons to everything.


#2 - The Hallow Book Hack | Deadly Sophistication

Works with handguns or other small guns

hidden gun storage ideas

photo credit: Max Sat Books - Biblio via photopin (license)

For the more studious among us… as in people who have books in their houses, this might be a good option. It probably isn’t as effective if you have exactly one book, and it’s this one, but don’t be discouraged. Books are pretty cheap, buy several. Assuming you do have books in the house, this one could run you as much as $0.

Overview: Take an old book, preferably a thicker one, and cut out a handgun sized square in the pages so your gun can fit inside it and the book can close. Simple.

  • Go to the attic, garage, basement, your spouses nightstand, or wherever. Find a fairly big book. One of those travel guides or a large dictionary might work well.
  • Measure the gun and the book to make sure it's big enough.
  • Measure again.
  • Get a razor blade. This part may be harder than anticipated. You need to cut the pages in a fairly precise manner. Get something sharp.
  • Put on gloves or some other protective gear so you don't lose a finger.
  • Open the book about in half.
  • Cut through the pages on one side of the book leaving the first 10 or so pages in tact as well as the cover of the book.
  • Repeat on the other side, ideally cutting a square out that is equal when the book closes.
  • Insert the gun and close the book. If everything was done right, and you measured correctly, you now have a secret, gun-wielding book and nobody is any the wiser.

While this is a common idea among gun owners, there’s a reason. It is a great place to store and hide a gun. You can buy false books that are already hollow, or you can buy a book and hollow out the pages.
This strategy is especially effective if you have a den or library or some place with a lot of books. To make it that much more difficult to find, stick the book into a bookcase with a lot of other books so only the spine is facing outward. This would be nearly impossible for someone to find unless they knew what they were looking for… or were just very lucky.
We like this hidden gun storage option because it’s affordable and can be done in an hour or so. There are, however, options you can just purchase to save you time. These are actually really cool.

--Bonus Idea

#2.5 - Box Covered With Book Spines

Instead of hollowing out one book, get a whole box for use with a larger weapon.

Take a box that is about the same depth as your bookshelf and then glue a row of book spines to the side that will face out. Once you slide it on the shelf, nobody will be able to tell the difference between that and the real books that you place on each side.

This would be another option that would be easier and relatively inexpensive.


#3 - The Old "Under The Couch" Trick

Works with handguns or larger guns (shotguns)

hidden gun storage furniture

photo credit: Ke7dbx Couch design3fin via photopin (license)

With the space under your couch, you have a lot of options for hiding firearms. You can create a compartment in the base for storage. If you just want something that is quick to grab, you can put a pistol under there, but the size of a couch can also make it a good place for a larger weapon like a shotgun. Ideally, the gun is semi-secured to the piece of furniture, up off the ground, and hidden from view.

Overview: Use a piece of furniture you already have. With a few minutes, you can have a sturdy, inconspicuous hidden gun location that may just be what the doctor ordered one day.

  • Pick out with firearm you want to secure; this is an opportunity to go big.
  • Measure the space under/around the furniture and the gun to make sure it will fit.
  • Measure again. (just to be safe!)
  • Pick your fastener of choice. This can be zip ties, screws, a makeshift bracket or brace of some sort. It could also be a holster that is attached to the bottom or side of the furniture.
  • If you want to get really fancy, create a false side/door on the furniture to insert the gun. Here's a bit more on how to do that.
  • Once the gun is secured, walk around the furniture and check to make sure it isn't visible.
  • Come in through the front door of the home and approach the piece of furniture. Repeat the process through the rear door.
  • Now do a readiness check. How long does it take you to access it? Do you have to walk around the furniture if you're coming from the master bedroom? Is it close by? Where is it in relation to the access points?
  • Do a few practice runs and you're all set!

Now, I realize this isn’t rocket science but it is an easy, cost-effective way to secretly store a weapon in plain sight. It isn’t rocket science but it just might come in useful some day.

This strategy is more useful if you have bigger furniture. Especially, well-built furniture. You don’t have to stop at sofas; there are all sorts of pieces of furniture that could be great candidates including kitchen cabinets or drawers (same concept).


#4 - The Electric Outlet | A Shockingly Good Idea

Works with very small guns

hidden electrical outlet wall safe

photo credit: Lynn Friedman Electrical Outlet Repair 1 via photopin (license)

Nobody is going to think that you have a gun hidden in a fake electrical outlet. You can buy these items online, and they slide out easily for quick access. Or, you can make something at home to do the same thing. Either way, you will be enjoying a nice, sneaky, hidden gun that may come in handy if needed one day.

Overview: Hiding a very small gun in an electrical outlet is a great idea. There are very few people who would even think to look there. Hiding places like behind mirrors and the cold air return are much more common than an electrical outlet. That is partly, however, due to size constraints.

  • ​Get your screwdriver - you're going to need it.
  • Find the outlet that works best; think about location, accessibility, exits and entrances, etc.
  • Take off the face plate.
  • Hopefully there is enough room inside for your weapon... if not, start cutting. Hint: probably cut power to that area first. I am not an electrician but I know it is bad to mess with live wires. Proceed at your own risk!
  • Once you have confirmed size and location, go find a small bag.
  • Put the gun into the bag to help protect it from dust/etc.
  • Stick the bag, with gun inside, into the outlet.
  • Enjoy watching TV while secretly knowing there is a gun only feet from you at all times.
  • If you're lazy like me, you can just buy this item and install it.

Again, this isn’t the most eloquent of options but it is a good option. In addition to storing a firearm here, one could store cash, jewelry, credit cards, gold, etc. Anything of value that is smaller would be a great fit for this out-of-the-way location.

--Bonus Idea

#4.5 - Inside the Cold Air Return Vent

Hiding a gun in the cold air return vent is classic. You see this on movies all the time.

It’s simple:

Just unscrew the vent cover and place it inside. As an additional idea, you could buy one of the grills and build a dummy air return that is just there to hide things. You could also insert a small safe into the air return and hide that for an extra layer of security.


#5 - Inside A Cereal Box Or Any Food Box

Works with small guns/hand guns

hidden gun storage plans

photo credit: USDAgov Glucerna-glucerna via photopin (license)

This one is not rocket science either, but it is pretty clever. As long as you don’t forget the firearm is in the box and throw it out, this one should be pretty easy to implement.

Overview: Hide a small firearm, most likely a pistol, in a cereal (or other food) box in the pantry of your home. With so much going on in an inconspicuous area of the house, it is very unlikely that a thief or would-be assailant is going to check the pantry for weaponry. It may also be a good place to duck into and grab the weapon assuming an altercation in the home.

  • Buy a cereal box or use one that you finish eating.
  • Find the right weapon; one that fits well and isn't noticeable. You don't want portions of it hanging out of the box.
  • Set it up so that the handle is facing up or out. When you stick your hand in the box, you want it to be grabbing the handle end.
  • Place the box in a position in the pantry where you can get to it and others perhaps cannot. Right inside the door on a higher shelf would be a great place.
  • Think about whether you are right handed or left handed for the easiest access.

This little tip isn’t going to win any awards for grandiose, but it is a good, simple, cheap, and quick solution to staging a perhaps vital firearm in an inconspicuous area of your home. We thought it was worth adding to the list.

--Bonus Idea

#5.5 - Inside A Pizza Box

The next time you order pizza, you can make sure that the box is nice and clean and then hide a gun inside. Just place it next to the trashcan like it is getting ready to go out, and nobody would even think to look there.


#6 - Behind A Framed Picture

Works with small guns/hand guns

hidden gun storage ideas furniture

photo credit: cyclingshepherd Abandoned via photopin (license)

If you have a picture with a thick enough frame, it can make for a good hiding spot. You could fasten a holster to the back of the picture, or you could build in some type of shelf or rack.

Overview: Find a sturdy picture in your house with a large frame or go purchase one. Another option would be to “shim out” the picture frame all around it so it looks really thick while leaving a ‘dead space’ behind the picture to store the firearm. This would work well if the picture is hanging on the wall.

  • Find the right frame. Use one you already have or purchase a new one.
  • Pick the right weapon. Again, something small enough to fit but big enough to be effective.
  • Find an old holster or something to secure the weapon. Zip ties could even be used.
  • Secure the firearm to the picture frame.
  • Position the picture so it is facing where someone would most likely see the picture and not the weapon.
  • Think about placement of the picture as well with respect to access.
  • If using a picture and frame hanging on the wall, shim out the frame a bit to give yourself some more space. Do this by adding 1"-2" thick pieces of wood flush with the edge of the picture frame all of the way around. This will give the appearance that the frame is very thick when in fact there will be 1"-2" of space behind the frame to help conceal your weapon.

This tip might take someone a bit more handy to complete but it’s worth a mention due to the awesome factor. Another, much more advanced option, would be to actually knock a whole in the drywall behind the hanging picture and give yourself that much more room to store a weapon. We may have to do a separate post on exactly how to do that.

--Bonus Idea

#6.5 - Above Closet Door Frame

You could hang a gun right above the doorframe of a closet. Somebody might go in there looking for something, but most people are not going to think to look right above their head.


#7 - Inside a Stuffed Animal (or pillow/etc)

Can work with all size guns depending on the size of the stuffed animal

hidden gun stuffed animal

photo credit: swong95765 Rabbit Stuffed Animal via photopin (license)


Most of these probably aren't great ideas if you have a child in the house, but this one really needs some extra special caution if anyone who doesn't know about the firearm will be playing with the stuffed animal.

If you have a large enough stuffed animal in your room, you could open it up, remove a little stuffing and hide a gun inside. Please keep this one away from children.

Overview: Find the right sized stuffed animal. If you have one, great. If not, they are pretty easy to pick up at the local fair… or at Walmart. Either way, get one. Then, just cut it open, pull out some stuffing, and stick the gun inside.

  • Find the right stuffed animal. You want to get one that is quite a bit larger than the gun to completely conceal it.
  • Take the stuffed animal to the table.
  • Get a knife or scissors. Cut into the bottom side of the stuff animal so it will look normal when sitting/standing up.
  • Cut an incision that is just big enough to maneuver the weapon into. Remember - it doesn't have to go in sideways. Work it in so you don't have to cut as much away.
  • Carefully sew the stitching back up. Use a really think thread and don't put many stitches in. You just need enough to stop it from all falling out but you want to be able to access it quickly in case of an emergency.
  • Again, think about placement. If you live alone, this might be a good one to have keep you warm at night.
  • Make sure to keep the safety of the weapon on!

We like this tip. It’s clever, unique, and all around just a good tip. You might want to research whether or not the stuffing inside the stuffed animal will have any sort of adverse affects on your firearm, however.


#8 - Modified Cabinet

Depending on the cabinet, various sizes. Smaller guns (pistols) may be easier to conceal.

hidden gun stuffed animal

You can buy pre-made cabinets that have a hidden space for concealing a gun or you could make your own modifications to existing shelves and cabinets.

Overview: Unless you are pretty good with tools, this may be one where purchasing is quite a bit easier. If, however, you are handy, here is a great guide to get you through the process. 




#9 - Under a False Floor

Again, various sizes will work but most likely guns with a shorter barrel.

hidden gun stuffed animal

If you have wood floors or tile, you could make a removable slate or tile that conceals a gun. For this idea, it might be good to make sure that it is out of the way. It might be noticeable if a person steps on it.

Overview: Hiding a weapon under a false floor is not for the faint of heart. This requires either a.) cutting up your flor or b.) building a floor with a false door in it. Either way, it’s a pretty serious project and should only be tackled by the most serious hidden gun aficionados.

This is probably much more complicated than a simple article on the internet could do justice. If you need to ask how to do this, you probably shouldn’t attempt it. But if you have the skills, this is a great way to hide some serious weaponry.


#10 - Drawer with False Bottom

Most drawers are only big enough to hide a pistol; it could be a good-sized pistol however.

hidden gun stuffed animal

This is an old trick that is still perfect for hiding a gun. You can make a false bottom for a drawer in your nightstand or dresser, or you can buy furniture that already has the false bottom.

Overview: A false bottom in a drawer is a really effective way to hide anything… including a gun. It can be made with some simple scrap wood and fairly common tools. Check out the video below for the step-by-step.

How was that for easy? Pretty neat. Now you can make false bottoms everywhere and hide everything you own. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Several More Great Options

On A Hanger

You could take a clothes hanger and hang a gun from it. Just hang a shirt or a jacket over the gun and most people won’t even think to look there. There is actually a product designed for this… go figure.

Toilet tank

You could hide a gun inside the tank of your toilet. Just make sure to put the weapon in a waterproof bag before hiding it away.

Inside a bag with dirty clothes

You can hide a gun inside a trash bag with some dirty clothes in it. As another option, you could take your gym bag and hide the gun under your sweaty workout gear.

Inside the freezer

The freezer can also be a good place to hide a gun. Just put the weapon in a waterproof plastic bag and hide it under some frozen food. You could even it in a bag and then wrap it in foil if you want it to appear as if it is food.

Behind curtains

If your curtains are thick enough, you can hang a gun above the window behind the curtains.

Inside a vase

With a large enough vase, you can slip small gun inside.

Under towels

The towels in your linen closet could be another place to conceal a weapon. If you have towels hanging in your bathroom, you could also hang a gun from the wall behind the hanging towels.

hidden gun storage ideas under towels


When you talk about firearm security and storage, there are some points that you need to consider. Some of these ideas might be good if you live alone, but if you regularly have children in the home, you are going to need to consider whether the hiding place will keep the gun out of their hands (hint: unless it’s secured it most likely won’t).

As other considerations, you need to consider things like burglars, fire, and your homeowner’s insurance. Some criminals can be clever, so while a hiding spot might seem ingenious at the moment, it might be all too simple for a burglar to identify. As a further point, none of these hiding places will protect against fire. If you have a gun that is particularly valuable, you might want to look for a fireproof solution.

In hiding guns around the house, you want to consider the purpose for which you are hiding the gun and the possible outcomes of the hiding place. Think about things like accessibility, if the spot is likely to be found by people that are searching the home and any other important considerations.

Do you have any good hiding spot ideas your willing to share? Let us know in the comments below and we will update our list!

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